Big update

Update applied successfully.
For more information check Changes

Attack Repelled

The ddos attack has been repelled successfully. Thank you for your patience.

Lag and Ddos

The server is under ddos attack. Our Ddos protection system (Intreppid) is filtering the attack, which is coming from South America.
If you are from south america, you may experience some lag.

About in-game bugs

Many have complained about bugs where they couldn't move or other graphical glitches.
The best solution is to download our clean client. We are sure the bugs will disappear.

Paragon mobs and Olympiad

A couple of changes have been applied today, you can check them HERE

Server is online

Issues regarding login server have been solved, server resumes operation.
Sorry for the incovenience

Spoils, chances and Zaken

Most of the moirai and vesper recipe/key spoil chances have been increased. For more information check HERE

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